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The Rooted Lands

posted Sep 30, 2012, 6:34 AM by Lee Einer

Review by NMCCR's Kathleen Dudley

New Documentary Premier in Mora, New Mexico

DATE: Saturday, October 13 and Sunday, October 14
TIME: 7:00 PM and 2:00 PM (movie length: 1 hour)
WHERE: Tapetes de Lana, Mora, Mora County, New Mexico
WHAT: The premier showing of “Rooted Lands-Tierras Arraigadas”, a documentary about the people of Mora County—who they are and what and why they are taking a strong stance to protect Mora County from natural gas drilling and fracking.


Home grown and local, “Rooted Lands-Tierras Arraigadas,” premiers October 13 and 14 in Mora. Santa Fe County director, Renea Roberts and producer, Nancy Dickenson, respectfully unveil the beauty and grace of place, people and land of Mora County in this one hour long documentary which depicts a growing people’s movement to protect their rural landscape and way-of-life from the ravages of big oil—drilling and fracking for natural gas.

Opening with a clipped paced series of images depicting our modern technological footprint on this planet, Roberts weaves us expertly into the heart and soul of Mora County and the people. The people tell us what it means to live there. To be the protectors of beauty, wilderness and family in the light of knowing that this land and their way-of-life are at risk of being altered beyond recognition.

Images and sound-track by local photographers Tony Stromberg, Sharon Stewart, and Kathleen Dudley, and music by acclaimed local classical guitarists, Carl Bernstein and Carlos Lomas, further punctuate the bounties being honored. In perhaps one of the last bastions of rural landscape yet unsullied by development and real estate sales gone a rye, this documentary gives us an intimate portrait of how the people who live in Mora County live and breathe with an inseparable relationship to their natural landscape.

This is a documentary many people will identify with, whether it is from their storehouse of past recollections of what once was, or what is in their dream of what could be.

Nancy Dickenson is a documentary film producer and philanthropist who contributes her time to civil, environmental and community rights work. Dickenson lives both in Santa Fe and Mora County where she has been personally involved, proactively, in the Mora County movement since its inception nearly five years ago. Renea Roberts, documentary director of R3 Productions, began filming about big oil during the Galisteo Basin drilling in 2006. (
Her dedication to "telling the story" of the people whether it is "Gifting It: A Burning Embrace of Gift Economy" or "Rooted Lands-Tierras Arraigadas," is honest, from the heart, and the voice we all so long to have for our message.